reduce cholesterol build-up


Cholesterol buildup in the body can lead to serious health problems

what is cholesterol buildup?

Plaque is made up primarily of fat and cholesterol found in the blood and can start accumulating from childhood.

Over time, cholesterol hardens and narrows your arteries

effects of cholesterol build-up

Cholesterol build-up in arteries
can contribute to...


Your vascular system provides blood to your entire body.
Cholesterol build-up can affect your entire health.

RemChol contains CAVADEX®

compound shown to remove cholesterol from the vascular system


CAVADEX® circulates around the blood collecting cholesterol and removing it
via the urinary system within 6 hours

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remchol reduces cholesterol build-up


RemChol can be used daily

RemChol mini-tubes

- Simple to use, hygienic application

- Convenient and can be applied at home

- The mini-tube is thinner than a suppository