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What is CAVADEX®?

CAVADEX® is a type of Cyclodextrin (from the Beta-Cyclodextrin family) that is used in the medical industry as a mixing compound for several FDA and TGA approved drugs. CAVADEX® has the unique ability to absorb Cholesterol and other lipids from the body and transport these materials out of the body through the urinary system. CAVADEX® has also shown it can reduce the inflammation responsible for the formation of plaque in arteries.

Is CAVADEX safe?

Yes, CAVADEX® is totally safe and studies have shown that CAVADEX® is safe to use in humans and has passed the rigorous approval processes to be FDA and TGA approved. We have conducted our own study and have shown that CAVADEX® is well tolerated at very high doses in a patient with advanced cardiovascular disease.
RemChol delivers up to 1 gram of CAVADEX per application.
CAVADEX® is not absorbed in the body, it circulates around the cardiovascular system collecting cholesterol crystals and other lipids from plaque until it is filtered by the kidneys and urinated out of the body generally within 6 hours.

How is CAVADEX administered?

CAVADEX can only be absorbed into the blood stream intravenously or via the rectum. When supplied as an enema, up to 26% of the CAVADEX® is absorbed.

What are the side effects?

There are no reported side effects at the CAVADEX® dose you will receive.

Why am I taking CAVADEX now?

It can take several years for the benefits of CAVADEX® to be proven through extensive human trials and research by the medical industry. We know that CAVADEX is safe and the science shows that CAVADEX can reduce plaque. We are offering early access to CAVADEX® treatment based on our trials and the science available to date.

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